Study of Campylobacter transmission on-farm

Although the proportion of poultry-associated cases of campylobacteriosis decreased by half 15 years ago following changes to slaughter and processing practices and other interventions, poultry remains an important source of human infection. To reduce reliance on processing interventions, it would be preferable to reduce Campylobacter colonisation of poultry at the farm level. This study aimed to provide a better understanding of on-farm sources for Campylobacter contamination of New Zealand broiler flocks. The study, a Centre science-poultry industry collaboration, was led by Dr Joanne Kingsbury, and structured into two workstreams. Phase 1 included a literature review, the development of a Campylobacter-specific metabarcoding method and a limit of detection (LOD) laboratory study. These three elements all informed the Phase 2 longitudinal broiler farm microbiological survey.   You can read a summary of the project by Dr Kingsbury here

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