Dr Kang Huang is a Lecturer from the Food Science Programme in the School of Chemical Sciences at the University of Auckland. Dr Huang’s research is focused on a combination of interdisciplinary approaches encompassing food processing, mathematical modelling, material science, microbiology, and molecular imaging to improve safety, quality, and sustainability of agriculture and food systems. Dr Huang got his PhD degree in Biosystems Engineering from Zhejiang University in 2013. After graduation, he joined food science department at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst as a postdoctoral research associate, working on biomaterials and biointerfaces. In 2015, he started working at the University of California, Davis to explore emerging technologies for improving food safety with a strong foundation in food engineering. After more than five years in the United States working as a postdoctoral scholar at the interface of food engineering and food packaging, Dr Huang came to New Zealand in July 2019 to share his knowledge and experience with our next generation of food scientists.