New model to help understand the source of Campylobacter

A new refined model for understanding the source of Campylobacter infections may be a key management tool for use by public health officials around the world.  It has been developed by Massey University PhD student, Ms Jing Liao.

Ms Liao says that whilst the rates have dramatically reduced in recent years, thanks to work by Centre Director Nigel French and his team, and subsequent industry interventions, New Zealand’s rate is still high by international standards.

“Understanding the source of infection - including drinking contaminated water, eating undercooked animal food products, or handling food products contaminated by animal faeces - is essential for the implementation of control measures. By modelling the potential sources and pathways of infections, you gain the ability to identify where the highest risks are and where interventions will do the most good.

“This model provides timely and accurate data on high-risk areas to guide and prioritise the efforts of public health officials,” she says. (link to full release)

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